Georgia Adjuster License

Georgia Adjuster License

Starting a career as an insurance adjuster can be an attractive opportunity for new and established professionals, especially if you hold an insurance agent license. This is a job that allows flexibility and a varied list of interesting clients.

Requirements to obtain an adjuster license in Georgia

The requirements to become an insurance agent vary from state to state but can often be completed much more quickly than other professions that require a license.

The insurance agency provides coverage for catastrophic and unwanted events. They help individuals, families and businesses choose the insurance policies that provide the best protection for their life, health, and property. An entrepreneur wishing to open an insurance agency must first complete the required coursework and obtain a license as an insurance agent.

There are many types of commercial insurance and personal insurance policies. Personal insurance lines focus on insuring individuals and families. This includes vehicle insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. Commercial insurance agents focus on providing insurance policies to companies with liability insurance to property insurance and coverage of errors and omissions.

Most states require a pre-license. Many of these can be taken online or through a face-to-face course. Requirements vary by state, from a one-day lesson to 20-40 hours of online training. Once you have met the prerequisites for your state exam, you must schedule an official insurance exam. An external company usually oversees these exams.

How do I become an insurance adjuster in Georgia?

To get a Georgia adjuster license, you must take pre-license education courses. Courses include claims adjusting, basic insurance information, state laws and mandates, and professional ethics. After completing forty (40) hours of pre-license education of Georgia adjuster, you will receive a certificate.

Most applicants choose to take these courses online, but there are also available in-person courses. Georgia adjuster license exam consists of one hundred (100) questions: you have two hours to complete it.

Each attempt of the exam costs $63 and will be paid when you make your reservation. A total score of 70% or more is required to pass this test.

After passing the state insurance license exam, you will submit all required license applications to your state’s licensing department. Some states will require background checks, which may include fingerprints. Once officially licensed, you can legally negotiate and sell insurance policies.

Does Georgia require an adjuster’s license?

Georgia grants licensing advantages to those adjusters licensed in their home state. If a state does not require a license for its adjusters, you should take the Georgia Adjuster Exam.

How long does it take to get an insurance adjuster license in Georgia?

Once you have submitted your application and have completed all the other requirements, your license application will be reviewed by the state. This process usually takes about four (4) weeks. Depending on the results, the Department of Insurance may request more information or documentation.

How much is the Georgia insurance license fee?

The Georgia Department of Insurance charges $100 per license type plus a $20 application fee.

How can I verify an adjuster’s license in Georgia?

In order to conduct a Georgia adjuster license lookup, use the form on top of this page. You may also search for other types of licenses in Georgia.



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