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Becoming a licensed specialist can seem a very hard and tiring process. In reality, you need to get licensed if you really want to become a professional specialist. Getting licensed will bring you a greater income and more career options in your life. You’ll have your clients’ trust as you will be a certified professional.

Getting a professional license in the State of Georgia is not complicated indeed. You can easily get your license in the field you wish if you complete all the steps we have mentioned in each license page, gather and submit the documents required by the Georgia licensing boards.

We have gathered the professions that are in demand the most in Georgia. Besides, we have made a simple search tool for you: just enter details from the license you want to search and you will get important information on the person’s license. Go through the list below and enter the profession you want to read more about.

Georgia Accountant License

The state of Georgia requires you to choose a college or university which is recognized by the Georgia State Board of Accountancy, and complete a 150 semester hours of education at a state-accredited college while maintaining a bachelor’s degree from that college. The next step in this process is to take the Uniform CPA examination, you must first gather your appropriate transcripts and pay the required fee for examination. When you’ve completed your exam, you’ll wait about 48 hours to receive your passing results on the state license exam. Once you’ve completed this step the next step would be to gain the necessary and required amount of experience to be eligible for the CPA state license. You’ll need about 2,000 hours of accounting experience while working under the supervision of a licensed CPA. Finally, once you’ve completed your requirement of experience, you may now apply for licensure with the state board. Make sure to include your verification of transcripts and a certified copy of all your hours of experience in the work field in order to be eligible. Once you’ve been accepted as a licensee in the Georgia Department of Accounting, you’ll need to maintain your license by continuing education of 80 hours every two years.

Georgia Adjuster License

The first requirement in becoming a licensed adjuster in Georgia is to be at least 18 years or older, you must also complete a 40-hour adjuster course at state-accredited adjuster program. Once you’ve finished your adjuster course for licensing you must pass the state license exam with a score of 70% or higher. When you’ve completed and passed your Georgia state exam, you’re now ready to fill your application for licensure and submit your pre-licensing courses and certification for passing your state exam. The application fee will cost around $65 and once you’ve been accepted for licensure you must also submit your fingerprints and a criminal background check in order to be eligible for licensure. Finally, once you’ve been accepted as a licensee, you must maintain your adjuster license by continuing education as a Georgia resident.

Georgia Attorney License

In order to obtain your attorney license in Georgia you must first hold a bachelor’s degree from a state-accredited university or college before you enter law school. Once you’ve earned your degree the next step to obtaining your license is to complete and pass the (LSAT) Law School Admission Council examination which is offered 3 times annually. The examination will include 3 different sections; Reading comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Thinking. Once you’ve completed the LSAT with a passing score, your next step is to decide which ABA-accredited law school you’re going to attend in the state of Georgia. When you’ve earned your J.D. degree at a state-accredited law school, you must then take the Georgia state Bar exam, you’ll need to carry a certification of fitness to practice law in order to take the state Bar exam. Finally, once you’ve passed the Georgia state Bar examination, you’re now officially a part of the Georgia state Bar and may practice as an attorney/lawyer.

Georgia Auction License

People willing to do business as auctioneers need a permit. Having all permissions will protect you from penalties and fines. Each state has its own requirements. To start a legal business in Georgia, you need to learn rules first.

The local Auctioneers Commission is providing permits and establishing standards. To work in this field, you have to pass an exam. The agency also approves your participation in the exam.

Each state has its own requirements. It’s better to have reliable information before applying. This article is a good instruction guide. It contains details related to the procedure and fees for obtaining a Georgia auction license.  Furthermore, it will instruct how to submit an application. So, let’s check how it works.

Georgia Barber License

You must complete the Georgia Barber Licensure procedure in order to work as a barber or in any other cosmetology sector in Georgia. The certification process entails 1500 to 3000 hours of training, a state examination, and finally an application for certification.

Barbering school is usually the first step in obtaining the state license required to practice barbering. The candidate should have attended a barber school and learned the fundamentals of working and running a company.

After, you should prove you are able to conduct basic procedures and are aware of medical requirements for each customer. Thus, you will pass a special exam and later you can apply for a license.

Georgia Business License

In order to obtain a business license in Georgia, the first step you’d need to take is to decide what legal structure to choose for your business. The most common legal structures for business are; sole proprietorship, partnership, (LLC) Limited Liability Company, and a corporation. The next step is to choose your business name, when deciding a business name you’ll need to check to see if that business name is taken or reserved by another company. Once you’ve named your business, the next step is to choose a type of entity for your business, an entity such as LLC for example needs to be appointed by a registered agent who’ll need to process an operating agreement for your company. The next step after choosing your business entity would be to file for a business license, if you’ll be selling good you’ll need to register with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) and have your employees register with the DOR. Also, you must register for an (EIN) Employer Identification Number, in order to separate your individual bank account from your business bank account which you’ll operate and use separately. The next step is to choose a location for your business and pass the local zoning rules and regulations. Finally, once you’ve completed all these steps you will need a inspection agent to come and inspect your place of business and deem your business fit for operation.

Georgia Cannabis and Marijuana License

Getting a cannabis license in the state of Georgia is difficult as in other states of the US like Alaska or Colorado. It is against the law to get marijuana in leaf form. It does not allow the sale of recreational marijuana or other products with cannabis oil. But it is possible to get a medical cannabis license if you follow the instructions.

The Department of Public Health regulates these instructions. And if you have been looking for an article about how to get a variety of types of cannabis licenses in Georgia, then you have found one.

Georgia Contractor License

In order to obtain your contracting license in Georgia the first step you’ll need to take is to decide what type of contractor’s license you’d like to obtain. A general contractor’s license allows you to work on any type of contracting including remodeling, developments, and other general contracting duties without any limits. In order to be accepted for licensure, you’ll need to meet the educational requirements as well as the experience requirements. You must hold a degree from a state-accredited 4-year institution and at least one year of work experience under a licensed contractor. Make sure to prove your education and work experience in your license application to the state, as well as including the institution you attended with your transcripts. Once you’ve completed these steps, the next step would be to apply for licensure through the state of Georgia. Once you’ve submitted your document and requirement of experience, you’ll complete the application which will include a $200 registration fee. When you’ve completed your application to become a licensee, your next step must be to take the state contractors exam, once your application for licensure has been approved you may sign up to take and pass the state exam. Once you’ve passed both the contractor’s exam and business and law exam, you’ll be ready to file for your tax identification number and start to practice freely as a general contractor.

Georgia Cosmetologist License

The first step in obtaining your cosmetology license in Georgia is to meet the educational standards of the state, you must have a minimum of 1,500 hours of training at a state-accredited cosmetology program. This program will give you the tools and experience in order to further your progression into your profession and eventually into verification of your licensure. Once you’ve completed your requirement number of educational and experienced hours, the next step is to take and pass the PSI examination. First you’ll take the Master Cosmetology examination and then the NIC Cosmetology Theory Exam, the fee for both examinations will round up to $109 and you must pass both parts of the exam in order to be eligible for licensure. One of the final steps of this process is to apply for licensure through the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology, and make sure to submit your educational hours and required number of experienced hours in the work field. Once you’ve been accepted for licensure make sure to maintain your license by continuing education of 5 hours every 2 years.

Georgia Driver License

To obtain a Georgia driver’s license you should apply to the DDS Customer Service Center. Also, for the Georgia driver’s license renewal you should apply to the same center.

To be able to get a DL you should meet the Georgia driver’s license requirements.

Georgia HVAC License

The HVAC industry in Georgia is one of the most rewarding fields. To get an HVAC license in Georgia, give you access to useful information. You need an HVAC license in Georgia, in order to work as an HVAC technician. Of course, the types of the licenses vary from other states. There are Class I, Class II types of license, and NATE Certification and EPA Certification in Georgia. As the requirements differ from state to state, therefore the fees vary, too. When you apply for an HVAC license in Georgia, you have to wait about six weeks in order to receive it. You have to renew your license every two years in Georgia.

Georgia Insurance License

The first step in obtaining an insurance license in the state of Georgia is to decided what type of insurance agent you’ll become. Once you’ve decided what type of insurance agent you’ll become you need to finish all of your required pre-licensing courses at a state-accredited program, you’ll need to complete about 20-40 hours of pre-licensing courses and once you’ve completed and passed your courses you’ll receive a certificate.

After completing your pre-licensing coursework you’ll need to complete and pass the Georgia insurance licensing examinations with a score of 70% or higher, and pay the required fee of $63 for your examination. The next step after passing your state examinations is to provide your fingerprints and complete a criminal background check to the state of Georgia and pay a fee of $53.

When you’ve completed all these steps you must then submit an application for licensure to the state board of Georgia. The fee for your application will be $115 and make sure to include your pre-licensing verification and other educational information as an applicant. Once you’ve submitted your application the state board of Georgia will review it and see if your are deemed fit to become licensed as an insurance agent in the state of Georgia.

Georgia License Plate Lookup

If you want to buy a car and drive it legally in Georgia, you will first need to register it in DMV. You can also use the Georgia License Plate Lookup Services to check the history of the car you are going to buy. It is necessary to have a valid Driver’s ID and pay all the needed fees. Some counties offer to register, transfer and renew your license online.

You may apply for your Georgia license plate search whenever you want by visiting the DMV, applying by mail, or applying online. You may utilize online public databases to help you with your license lookup. Thus, you can find out who previously owned the automobile, what accidents have happened, and so on.

Georgia Marriage License

Getting a marriage license is extremely important nowadays. A marriage license is a document proving that the state legally issues your marriage.

Having a marriage license gives you a great number of benefits. You can use your marriage license for tax, banking, and insurance purposes. Besides this, it will give you an inheritance, prenuptial, IRA and Social Security benefits. You simply don’t have the right to make legal decisions if you don’t have a marriage license.

Georgia requires having a marriage license as well. Getting a Georgia Marriage License is much easier for residents of the State of Georgia.

Georgia Massage Therapist & Counseling License

In order to obtain your counseling license in the state of Georgia you’ll need to complete and earn your Master’s degree in counseling at a state-accredited master counseling program. After you’ve met the educational requirements, it’s your duty to complete an internship program and complete a 100 hours of supervised work experience under a licensed counselor. If you have a Master’s degree in counseling you’ll need to complete a four year internship as an Associate Licensed Counselor under the direction of a Licensed Professional Counselor. The next step is to apply with the Georgia Board of Professional Counselors (GBPC) and complete and pass your National Counselor Examination (NCE). After passing your state examination, you’re now ready to apply for licensure with the GBPC. You must submit your fingerprints and a criminal background check with your application, include all of your relevant information such as your work experience and required hours of coursework. Finally, once you’ve been accepted for licensure, you’ll need to maintain your license by continuing education of 35 hours every two years.

Georgia Plumbing License

A Georgia plumbing license is a must to be able to work as a plumber. This state does not have contracts with other states regarding the mutual recognition of the plumbing license. To get the document, you need to meet several requirements related to age and education. Make sure to pay fees on time and to follow the applicable deadlines. You can also conduct a Georgia plumbing license lookup through the search tool on our website.

Georgia Private Investigator License

This developing and extremely exciting field in the state of Georgia attracts many people. However, if one does not want to be constantly at the center of discoveries, puzzles, and incomprehensible events, it is better to abandon this idea. However, there is one condition for those who still want: getting a Georgia private investigator license.

It seems like a very complicated and difficult process to achieve. But if the applicant is familiar with the conditions set before him and knows how to meet them, then there will be no difficulty. There are several preconditions regarding age, citizenship, and physical and mental condition that can be decisive. Also, the criminal past and history of the candidate are very important.

In addition to a few such requirements, the applicant must also pass the exam and pay all the fees to be able to obtain the license.

Georgia Real Estate License

In order to obtain your Georgia real estate license you must hold a high school diploma and be at least 18 years of age or older. The first actual step in this process is to complete 75 hours of approve pre-licensing courses at a state-accredited college or university. The next step in obtaining your license is to complete the state course examination with a score of 72% or higher. You’ll have 2 months after passing the examination to submit your fingerprints and a criminal background check to the Georgia Crime Information Center of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. In order to be licensed you must also be associated with a sponsored broker who’ll give you the work experience which is required. The next step is to pass the Georgia Real Estate Sales Associate Examination which is a 152-question test and includes two sections which cover both state and national requirements. Finally, after passing your state examination, you’ll wait about a week for your verification of licensure to come via mail.

Georgia Security Guard License

In Georgia, the Board of Private Detectives & Security Agencies manages all the licensing procedures. To be a guard and carry firearms, you should register with the governmental body. Also, meet all the mandatory qualifications. Candidates should be at least eighteen and have a US passport. Then, they must submit their fingerprints. If you are launching a security business in this state, you should be at the legal age, obtain liability insurance coverage and complete the mandatory examination. Above all, professionals should also hold a recognized diploma in the relevant field of work and have the necessary expertise. Note that unarmed officers do not have to be licensed. However, they need to meet specific standards. Hence, in this piece, we will spill the beans about the differences in permit types.

Georgia Tattoo License

Every state has its requirements for tattoo artists. The state of Georgia requires a tattoo license in order to work there. For getting the permit, you have to take some steps such as completing the application, providing training course certification, and photo ID, etc.. In Georgia, tattoo artists also have to pay for the registration.

This article gives you much deeper information about payments, steps on how to apply, and so on. Go on reading to get more informed!

Georgia Teaching License

The first step in obtaining your teaching certificate in Georgia is to hold a bachelor’s degree and maintain a GPA of 2.5. You must first complete a residency program which includes experiences for you such as clinical practice and guidance under a certified educator. Once you’ve completed your approved student-teaching hours, you’ll need to take a series of tests through the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) and pass these basic skill assessments. In addition to the content assessment, you must also complete the ethic assessment of this examination. The next step is to submit a criminal background check along with your fingerprints to the state board, once you’ve finished this step you may apply for your teaching certificate in the state of Georgia.



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