Georgia Contractor License

Georgia Contractor License

To be a Contractor in Georgia you will need to have a Georgia Contractor License. For GA Contractor License lookup, you can just scroll down and find the answers for the most searched questions or use the form above.

How do I check a Contractor’s license in Georgia?

All contractors in the State of Georgia are required to be licensed through the State Licensing Board. You can check if a general contractor has a valid license by going to the License Verification section through this link.

Do the Contractors have to be licensed in Georgia?

If you want to be a contractor in Georgia and provide services amounting over $2500 you will definitely need to have a Georgia Contractor License. In addition, if you plan on operating a contracting business, you will need to register and meet tax obligations for your new business before operating.

How do I get a General Contractor’s license in Georgia?

According to the provided services there are 4 types of Licenses:

  1. General Contractor: Unlimited in the type of work you can do or contract for, a general contractor can develop, remodel, or perform any other general contracting duties on residential or commercial properties.
  2. Limited Tier General Contractor: It is the same as a general contractor, but if you have Limited Tier General Contractor License, you will be limited to contract $500.000 and under.
  3. Residential Basic Contractor: Provides services on family homes with a two-family residence or townhouse maximum.
  4. Residential Light Contractor: Provides the same services as a residential basic contractor but is limited with multifamily and multi-residential properties.

In Georgia you will also need a separate licenses for specialty trades including plumbers and electricians.

So, if you’re looking for the results of Georgia General Contractor License lookup, you can find it here.

First of all, for the application you will need to have one of the below mentioned documents:

  • A four-year degree from an accredited university or college in architecture, engineering, building construction, or project management.
  • A similar field may be acceptable. Also, one year of relevant work experience in the construction trades is required. But, you will have to work under the supervision of a licensed contractor.
  • College-level academic courses from an accredited institution plus provable experience that would be deemed significantly similar to at least four years of university work.
  • A minimum of four years of provable work experience in the construction trades. At least two must be working for a general contractor. One year must also be in the field of engineering, administration, supervision, project management, accounting, or marketing.

For the Georgia Contractor License application you will need:

  • Sealed transcript from your collage/university.
  • The filled application form, which you can find here.
  • A notarized affidavit (make sure that it is notarized, otherwise your application may be denied).
  • Insurance Certificate (General liability for $500.000 and workers’ compensation, if required)
  • Application fee, which is $200.

You should mail your documents to the following address:

State Licensing Board For Residential and General Contractors
General Contractor Division
237 Coliseum Drive
Macon, GA 31217

After the application is application is approved, you will need to pass PSI Exam. You can register for your exam through this link:

What is the easiest Contractors License to get in Georgia?

For each type of Contractor License you need to pass the above described steps. Depending on the license, all contractors in Georgia must meet the insurance minimum. As part of application process you must also be able to show workers compensation insurance and genera liability insurance.

The fee breakdown is as follows:

  • Residential-Basic: $300,000
  • Residential-Light Commercial: $500,000
  • General Contractor: $500,000
  • General Contractor Limited Tier: $500,000

To make sure you are getting the best coverage, you can visit the following page:

Besides it being required, having a business insurance policy can help you to:

  • Secure trust in potential customers looking to work with you;
  • Protect you in lawsuits around third party accidents, property damage, and person injury;
  • Adhere to the requirements of landlords, project managers, or vendors;
  • Gain access to grants, loans, or other types of financial assistance.

To renew your license you can visit the following page.

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