Georgia Cannabis and Marijuana License

Georgia Cannabis and Marijuana License

This article will provide you with all the information. You must know it before applying for a Georgia cannabis license. Continue reading and following the points if you want to receive any kind of marijuana license. Just take all the required steps.

The Story Behind the Cannabis License in Georgia

To talk about history is relevant as Georgia is the state with strict rules on cannabis. The residents of the state of Georgia complained that they cannot legally get cannabis oil that can cure diseases like cancer. So people had to leave the state to buy medical marijuana. And years later, the state legalized medical marijuana. And though Georgia legalized medical cannabis, the obstacles remain.

People must try hard to get a marijuana license to get some cannabis for personal health. And when the state allowed using medical cannabis in 2015, many people applied. So they applied with the hope to get a Georgia cannabis grower license and start cultivation.

The purposes of people are different, but the steps they take to reach their goals are almost the same. And now the state allows about 14000 people to get cannabis oil treatment. And according to the data, 14,511 people got Low THC oil treatment in February 2020.

The commission, which views and accepts the applications, consists of several members. And the executive director is Andrew Turnage. The latter is the only paid member of the commission. Others are volunteers who don’t have any experience in this specific industry.

An important note

To start a successful cannabis business, you must choose a good business plan. And as they write on the commission’s website, you should not expect the commission’s guidance on business processes. So the right choice is to rely on a lawyer’s help.

Different law agencies can help you choose an excellent strategy before applying. So you can submit your documentation with a successful and perfect business plan. This will increase the probability of a positive result. Besides, these law agencies will help you with the documentation. And will also make you aware of your rights that make an essential part of the upcoming procedure.

They will give you important hints about getting a Georgia medical marijuana license. Or other licenses like marijuana grower license, cannabis dispensary license, and so on.

How to get a marijuana license?

Getting any type of marijuana license is a long process that demands strong nerves and will. The state of Georgia now accepts applications for medical marijuana cultivation licenses. You will pass through different phases and stages, collect a pile of documents. Besides, you will do a variety of payments for application, for the initial license, for the marijuana license renewal, and the like. And though it is a complicated process, it is possible. If you want to make the process easier, you must read and investigate the procedure. So learn the law, know your rights and follow the instructions.

Remember that Georgia provides its residents with a very limited number of marijuana licenses. So be sure to act quickly and apply on time. The state of Georgia issues six medical cannabis licenses annually: two Class 1 and four Class 2 licenses every year. The applicants must have a letter proving that the administration supports the initiative.

Medical cannabis licenses can get:

  • the people who have some incurable diseases or disabilities,
  • the legal guardian of people who have some incurable diseases or disabilities,
  • the legal guardian of the children who have some incurable diseases or disabilities.

How to get a marijuana growing license?

Class 1 Low THC Oil Production License

Georgia forbids cannabis licenses for recreational use like Alabama, Arkansas, etc.

The state of Georgia permits only medical use in the form of cannabis oil with less than 5% THC. There are different medical marijuana licenses that you can receive for marijuana cultivation. And the first is the Class 1 Production License that will cost you a fortune.

You must apply to the Georgia Medical Cannabis Commission (GMCC) and pay a $25,000 application fee. And if they grant you a marijuana license, you must pay an initial cultivation license fee that costs $200,000 for the license to be issued. After a year of production, you will need to pay a cannabis license renewal fee that will cost $100,000. And you will need to sign some documents. This shows that you agree to the above-mentioned mandatory application requirements. If you apply as an owner of a company, you and your employees or cooperators will have to submit fingerprints. This will mean the beginning of the licensure.

After this, the Commission will review and check the record of convictions. They must be sure that there are no people with drug-related convictions. Whenever they find some employees with drug-related convictions, they revoke the application. In this case, they don’t return the application payments.

Afterward, you must say if your business is small or residential. After, provide the department with personal information. And to receive the marijuana license, you must owe no taxes to the state of Georgia․

If you apply, you sign to confirm that:

  • you have read all the specifications and requirements,
  • agree to all the provisions written in the document.

You will be allowed to cultivate cannabis at home with 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. And of course, you can manufacture low THC oil, if you get this license.

Class 2 Low THC Oil Production License

As for the Class 1 Low THC Oil Production License for Class 2 Low THC Oil Production License, GMCC must consider you a competitive applicant. The application fee you must pay for a Class 2 license is $5000, which is non-refundable. The initial marijuana license payment is $100,000. And the cannabis license renewal payment is $50,000. After, the commission will review your application based on the established criteria. You will pay the required fees and follow the instructions if you want to get your marijuana license.

With this second license, you will be allowed to cultivate cannabis only at home with 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space. And of course, you can manufacture low THC oil.

How to get a medical marijuana license?

If you want to get a cannabis medical license, you must provide a certain document. It must prove that you have some debilitating disease. The disease must be on the state list of illnesses for which the state grants a cannabis license. Afterward, the authorities must recognize you as a resident of the state of Georgia. You must submit a document that will prove your residency showing your Georgia ID.

Before the process of licensure, you must have all your health records. Also, the documents that your doctor has prescribed to you, medical diagnosis. You need this paperwork to show the admission department that you have the qualifying condition. You can also get a document from your physician, telling you that the use of alternative medicine could ease your condition.

The first thing you should do is to make an appointment with your privacy care doctor. Ask him/her to authorize a license. If your doctor will not agree, try to find another one. You can find a doctor by calling a local dispensary.

Apply after consulting with a doctor and getting a referral letter or authorization from him/her. You should also have a registration card from the Department of Public Health. After that, pay for all the required expenses. Whenever the admission department deems you eligible, you will get your medical card. Buy only with your medical card to avoid unwanted occasions or law violations.

Different agencies can help you with getting a Georgia cannabis license. An example is GreenLight or Green Rush Consulting, Canna Advisors, GreenZipp, etc.

How to get a marijuana dispensary license?

There are no applications available for a cannabis dispensary license. And the above-mentioned cannabis production licenses do not include the latter. The Commission has not set the rules or regulations to cope with this cannabis medical dispensary license case. The marijuana dispensary license application period will begin in 2021. So you will learn the precise date, after the Class 1 and Class 2 Production License application period will be closed.

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