Georgia License Plate Lookup

Georgia License Plate Lookup

If you buy a used vehicle In Georgia, you may use the license plate lookup to see its history. That is, you can find the reports and owners of your vehicle, see the accidents that had happened before,

Georgia State requires you to register your vehicle and apply for a license. Georgia Department of Revenue issues the licenses and enables you to drive legally.

Georgian vehicle registration plates have embossed serial of two letters, a hyphen, and three numbers. The plate has black color on a white background. You can also see a blue vertical stripe on the left side.

Starting your License Plate Application

Whenever you have your valid Driver’s ID you can apply for Georgia’s license plate.

In order to obtain a license plate, you just need to visit the Georgia DMV and register your vehicle. You must do it within 30 days. If you already have an existing license plate, you can change it with a new one. But you can apply this method only if both vehicles have the same category.

You need to have the following documents with you to apply for a license:

  • Proof of identity
  • Filled out and signed application form
  • Insurance fee
  • Pay required fees

All these you must take to the County Tag Office. Law authorities should be notified of any missing or stolen license plates or decals.

Georgia License Plates Types

Every car owner in Georgia receives a Georgia license plate from the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The Georgia Department of Transportation offers these two kinds of license plates:

  • Standard Georgia license plates: You need this type of license plate if you obtain a passenger car, motorbike, truck, or trailer.
  • Specialty plates: And this type of license plate is for vehicles used by organizations or groups.

Georgia License Plate Lookup

You may apply for your Georgia license plate lookup by visiting the Tag Office, applying by mail, or online. To get your license lookup easier, you can use online public databases. These public databases, which are generally created by commercial firms, enable you to simply and quickly check up the license plate. You can find who has owned that vehicle before, what accidents took place and so on. and car information you want.

To obtain the information you want, you need just to register, pay the appropriate fees, and input the applicable license plate number or vehicle owner’s name.

Thus, you can receive the following information:

  • information about the car owner
  • registration information
  • vehicle’s VIN number

You can as well you can make a request to the Georgia Department of Transportation. It is another working option to get the information you need. So, you can contact the Georgia Department of Transportation in person, by letter, by phone, or online.

To make a request via mail, you must send it to the appropriate address.

That is:

Georgia Department of Transportation
1300 One Georgia Center
600 West Peachtree NW
Atlanta, GA 30308

Transfer your Georgia License Plate

You can transfer your license plate from one vehicle to another if you need. You may ask your dealer to do the procedure if you buy a car from him.

But if you buy your vehicle from an individual seller you will need to go to the County Tag Office and apply for the license. You must visit the County Tag Office within 30 days starting from the day you buy a vehicle.

Georgia License Plate : Titling Requirements and Process

Georgia law mandates that all motor vehicles used on Georgia’s roads and highways be titled and registered with the GA Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Generally, you must register your car in the country where you live. You must take the registration and titling procedures simultaneously.

You have only a week starting from the day you buy a car to visit County Tag Office and register your car.

If you have recently moved to Georgia, you can apply and change or obtain a license plate for no more than 30 days.

When you buy a new or used automobile from a dealership, you must first finish the registration process because the dealership will only handle the application for the title.

Georgia License Lookup Fees

All vehicle registrations are charged a fixed cost of $20.

In addition, if you want to get a new title, the state of Georgia charges $18.

If you want to replace the title will cost $8 in total.

And no matter you submit the title application form in person or by expedited mail, an additional $10 must be included.

License Plate Renewal

You can renew your Georgia License Plate either online or in-person visiting the Tag Office.

Whenever you need to renew your license, DMV will send you a notification letter that there is only one month left. You can also apply to get the notification via your email.

If you have changed your address, and haven’t managed to do it on your driver’s ID, you can do it online as well. Just fill in the required fields and wait for an answer.

Not all counties have the online renewal option. However, whenever you get the renewal notification, it will guide you about your next steps. If your county provides an online renewal service, you will need to have the following with you before you start your application:

  • The license plate or VIN number
  • The number of your Driver’s License
  • Checks of all the fees, including registration, taxes, and convenience

Some counties may additionally need an emission inspection.

People of some counties can use Self-Service Kiosks to renew their licenses plate. You just need proof that you have registered your vehicle in that county and bring the documents you will need. That is you need proof of identity, liability insurance emission inspection of your vehicle, and cheques that you have paid the fees.

If you are already at the kiosk, you will find all the steps and processes shown on the screen. You just need to fill in the data and print your new license.

Renew your license in the County Tag Office

And finally, you can renew your license plate by visiting the County Tag office or just applying to obtain it by mail.

You just need to submit the following data:

  • Complete application form
  • Driver’s license of Georgia or ID card.
  • Liability insurance information (if any)
  • Emission inspection.
  • And proof that you have paid all the fees and taxes.

If you do not renew your license plate throughout your registration time, you may face penalties.

License Plates: Military Veteran

All the veterans in Georgia take easier steps for their Georgia License Plate. If you need to apply for any of the following plates, you must fill out the application form from the Georgia DMV and bring it with a copy of your DD to your county tax office.

Georgia License Plate Lookup : Veteran’s License Plate

Georgia veterans can apply for a Georgia license plate with the word veteran on it. There are no fees required to be paid.

You can apply for a second plate if he or she pays a $25 fee in addition to the yearly cost.

Veteran’s License Plate: Woman

Women veterans of the United States military can apply for a unique plate bearing the words “woman veteran”.

There are no fees associated with one of these specialty plates. You can apply for a second plate if he or she pays a $25 manufacturing charge in addition to the yearly cost.

The wives of qualified soldiers who have not married again can apply for a Veteran License Plate as well.

Military License Plate: Retired

This plate contains a backdrop of the American flag, the seal of the veteran’s branch of service, and the word “retired” on it.

Georgia veterans who have served in the military but are no longer on active duty as well as the wives of fallen soldiers can apply for a military license plate.

They don’t need to pay any fees connected to the plates.

After they pay a 25 dollars fee, they can obtain a second plate.

Georgia License Plate : Commemorative Service

This plate has a backdrop of the American flag the name of the war and the campaign ribbon on it.

Participants of the World War II. Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, Terrorism Global War, Iraq and Afghanistan war can apply for this license plate.

Residents who have taken part in one of these wars and are currently on a duty can also apply for the license plate. The wives of fallen soldiers who have not been married again are also able to apply and obtain a license plate. They don’t need to pay any fee besides $25 dollars if applying for a second time.

License Plate: Disabled Veteran

This license has the “disabled veteran” word on it and the American Flag as background. Georgia State issues both license plates for the front and back sides of the vehicle. The disabled Veteran license plate is also available for motorbikes.

Disabled Veteran License Plate is available for Georgia veterans who are disabled by any of these criteria:

  • totally disabled
  • who has lost one or both legs or hands
  • eyesight.

Personalized Vanity License Plates in Georgia

The Department of Revenue in Georgia issues the license plates and they may ban specific words on you tags. Check out our banned Georgia license plates page for more information.

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