Georgia Banned License Plates

Georgia Banned License Plates

Looking forward to getting a new license plate in the State of Georgia? Searching on Banned License Plates in Georgia? Then you are in a right place. You will find information in detail on the costs of specialty vanity plates, and mainly, the banned license plates of Georgia. Continue reading so it is clear for you why the State of Georgia forbids license plates.

What are license plates and why do people purchase them?

Have you ever thought about why to overpay for license plates? Actually, vanity plates are a pretty good idea to personalize your vehicle plate. Vanity plates are license plates with certain meanings consisting of numbers and letters. If you really want your vehicle license plate to stand out, then you pay a fee and get your favorite numbers or letters on it. In fact, some people put important dates, ages or initials, letters with personal meaning on their license plates. This makes them feel special.

Why does the DOR of Georgia ban so many license plates?

The Department of Revenue of the State of Georgia regulates the process of application for license plates. In detail, it receives the applications of the citizens. Then, the relevant committee of DOR allows or bans certain plates. In fact, there are a few rules that the DOR of Georgia applies to the license plates. The Department of Revenue does not approve the vanity plates in the following cases:

  • If the combination of numbers and/or letters is obscene, immoral, or it means, shows anything that refers to sex, sexual act, parts of the body, excrements, etc,
  • In case the combination of letters and/or numbers offend religious beliefs, are sexist, racist, or insult ethnicity, gender, age, etc,
  • If the combination has a meaning of a position or an office unless the person holds such position or office,
  • In case the meaning of the combination is profane, offensive,
  • If anything in the combination refers to narcotics, drugs, and/or alcohol.

But still, it is complicated for the DOR to decide if the word is offensive. This is because many applicants write numbers instead of letters to make them hard to read. Also, they can write words in any language. That’s why the committees must be multilingual.

What is the cost of a license plate in Georgia?

To get a license plate in Georgia, you have to apply for it to the Department of Revenue. You must present a completed form which is called MV-9B. This is the application for special/personal license plates. As for the cost, you will pay $35 as a manufacturing fee. You will add $35 for the annual special tag, also $20 as a tag fee.

Examples of banned license plates

Below you can find a few examples of banned license plates of Georgia. We tried to suppose the real meaning of the combinations. As the DMV of Arizona, the DOR of Georgia usually doesn’t explain why they refused to allow the license plates.

  • BLAKBOI – probably means “black boy” and has a racist meaning.
  • BLKASS – maybe this means “black ass” which has sexual and racist meanings.
  • BOOBZ – “boobs” is the slang word for breasts, and the body parts are prohibited.
  • BTCH – means “bitch” which is an offensive word.
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