Georgia Real Estate License

Georgia Real Estate License

Getting your Georgia real estate license might seem annoying, but there is no problem, we’ll guide you through the process. While in Georgia real estate license lookup, you need to consider some prerequisites: you should be at least 18 years of old, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, complete 75 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education and an approved 75 clock-hour Pre-Licensing salesperson course. After you complete all the course materials, you must pass a final exam. The minimum passing score is 72%. Also, schedule an appointment with a proctor in advance, as each final must be taken in the presence of a proctor.

60 days before submitting the application, you must provide a certified criminal history report issued by the Georgia Crime Information Center of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation or a certified criminal history report from your resident state.

Also, you must find a current and active Georgia sponsoring broker in order to be licensed. Find the right broker since this person will serve as your mentor in your real estate career. During your search consider their reputation, both locally and nationally, take into account whether they are technologically advanced and support their agents with education and training. And what kind of commission structure do they offer.

PSI (previously AMP) controls the Georgia Real Estate Salesperson licensing exam. This 152-question test includes state and national requirements. After passing the Georgia Real Estate Salesperson examination, you can get your license from any one of the four PSI Test Centers in the state of Georgia.

How long does a real estate license last in Georgia?

You will need to renew your license at some point. In your first year of licensure, you should complete a 25-hour post-license course that’s approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Once you are past your first year, the renewal process gets simpler. If you were licensed after January 1, 1980, you need to complete 36 hours of continuing education from a Georgia real estate school every four years. Your 36-hour course needs to comprise three hours on License Law.

If you’re not sure where you’re at with your continuing education, the Georgia Real Estate Commission offers their Online Services so you can check on your hours.

Can I take the Georgia real estate exam online?

You can take the state exam online using AMP’s REAL system. There are 152 multiple-choice questions which include a national portion of 100 questions and a state portion of 52 questions.

How do I get a real estate license reciprocity in Georgia?

Georgia allows real estate license reciprocity with every state in the U.S. except for Florida. However, you must also submit an original certificate of license history from the Florida Real Estate Commission. Nevertheless, you can submit proof of a current real estate license from another state. If you have passed the State real estate exam in your current State and hold a real estate license simply submit an Application for Reciprocity License.

Can I work for more than one sponsoring broker simultaneously?

You can only work for one sponsoring broker in Georgia. However, you can work under a sponsoring broker in Georgia while also working under a different broker in another State. The other State must permit such a practice.

How many times can you fail the Georgia real estate exam?

In case of failing one portion of the exam 3 times, you must take a complementary 30 hours of qualifying real estate education. In case of failing both portions of the exam 3 times, you must take an additional 60 hours of qualifying real estate education.



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