Georgia Attorney License

Georgia Attorney License

Although there are many good lawyers in the State of Georgia, we understand that finding an attorney that will meet your requirements is not a simple task, so here we are to help you. Moreover, when you find a lawyer and just get acquainted with him, it’s always good to be aware of who you are dealing with. That’s why we suggest you to use this tool to find a licensed professional or to check the credentials of your lawyer. Continue reading if you need in-depth information on attorney license in the State of Georgia – how to get the license and how to check if an attorney is certified.

Does the attorney need license to practice law in the State of Georgia?

A lawyer needs to be licensed by state agencies to practice law in Georgia and give a proper legal advice. When hiring an attorney, you always need to check if the lawyer’s license is legitimate and active. Here in this short article we will outline how the lawyer gets his license in Georgia and how to find some detailed information about his license status and history using the information provided by licensing agencies.

Can you take the Georgia Bar Exam without going to law school?

The State of Georgia does not allow lawyers to take the Georgia State Bar exam without attending a state-accredited law school. Moreover, it’s not just the rule that prevents you from taking the exam without attending law school: it’s a lot easier to pass the State Bar exam when you have already completed law school and earned your degree.

How to become a certified attorney in Georgia?

First, when obtaining an attorney license in the state of Georgia, the lawyer must have a bachelor’s degree from a state-accredited college or university. When the lawyer already holds his degree he must complete and pass the Law School Admission Council examination. This exam is offered three times each year. After completing the examination, the lawyer chooses an ABA-accredited law school in Georgia. After he earns his Juris Doctor degree at a state-accredited law school, the lawyer takes the Georgia State Bar exam and get a passing score. Then, he must receive a certification of fitness to practice law in Georgia, and only after finishing this long process successfully, he can be considered a member of Georgia State Bar and may practice as a licensed attorney. By the way, the Georgia State Bar has approximately 37,000 active members.

How and where can I check the credentials of the attorney?

Here you can find the monitoring tool which allows to check the ethical conduct of the lawyer. This attorney license lookup tool is made to provide accurate data on your lawyer’s contact, his license status, the law school attended, the membership and public disciplinary history. You just need to enter below any search criteria to find the full information about your lawyer. This kind of steps are necessary in order to avoid fraud and get an appropriate legal consulting.

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